Carpet Drying

Carpets; comfort, heat and image in terms of a house is indispensable.
There are no rugs in the house. They are
a warm image and depth of the carpets, hygiene and cleanliness in terms of regular
should be cleaned in some way. Various methods to dry the carpets you cleaned

Importance of Carpet Drying

A well-cleaned carpet should remain clean for a long time and
when we step on it, our feet also feel damp or wet
should be dried for good. A carpet that doesn't dry well
some disorders
, such as mildew) and the smell of moisture in your home
Similar to the formation of bad smells
It can open.

Carpet Drying

1. Hanging from the balcony

Carpet drying
The most common one is carpet drying by hanging the balcony. that
A balloon is required for your carpet. We wash or
hanging our rug, half of the balcony on our balcony
we can hang it. After hanging our carpet, it does not slip and does not
we must place an object on it to keep it heavy and to keep the carpet in balance. This
For example, chairs and stools can be given as objects.

2. Drying with hair dryer

This method is completely
locally washed off a washed carpet and then wiped away
You can practice for a cleaned carpet. After wiping the contaminated area with a damp, detergent cloth
If you want to dry quickly, our hair dryer
minutes will be enough.

3.Investigation Method

This method is enough
does not dry, wet carpets for
applicable. After opening the windows to open the window
enough to wait bek

4. Laundry Hanger
Carpet Drying

As you know in the market; many sizes, varieties and
weight available. Sizes of carpets smaller and not too heavy
used to dry the laundry, hanging or laying on the laundry
can dry easily.

5.Washing Dryer

Although the houses are not yet widespread, dry carpets specifically for
There are also machines produced. These machines are image as an electric
it resembles a vacuum cleaner, but will allow you to dry your carpet in a short time.

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