Methods of Preventing Moisture at Home?

What is Moisture?

Moisture, water vapor wall, furniture, clothing such as daily
settled in the materials contained in our lives, the result of adhesion, stain and
sensation Negative on human health

How is humidity formed?

Formation of moisture
most of the building's insulation is not done correctly and adequately
Caused. Apart from this, hanging the laundry is not enough ventilation,
lack of ventilation in the dining area
also occurs in situations such as lack of ventilation.

How to prevent moisture?

The most valid and permanent method to be taken is building insulation.
Isolation can eliminate the problem. Easier and more practical
If the interior wall insulation is used, PVC is used in houses
every day ventilation, moisture is to be thrown out.

  • Culinary and shower areas
    to be used and to ensure frequent ventilation by cleaning.
  • Applying methods to remove moisture
  • Anti-moisture paint and anticorrosion paint
    plaster is used by many people and positive results
    It is observed.
  • Instead of growing a lot of plants in the house, the house
    use more air areas (balcony, terrace etc.)
    It will prevent.
  • Check your heating system, equal to each room
    It is also important to ensure the dissipation of temperature.

However, none of these measures and applications
insulation will not be as effective.

How to clean moisture?

Composed on wall
clean the dampness
dry cloth should be used, with bleach
cleaned. Sanding should be done after wiping for stains on the wall
and again with bleach.

To remove moisture from your clothing
squeeze the lemon, wash in the usual program will give good results.

How to remove the humidity in the house?

Using vinegar, you can remove the odor in the house. Damp
on the wall, pouring vinegar over moldy areas and dispersing moisture
If the house is provided for a long period of time
will go to a great extent. if mold
If the cabinet is in an interior area, the cabinet is completely
place the vinegar in a cupboard into the cupboard and close the lid for 1 day.
If you keep it, there will be no musty smell.

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